Dublin Beats San Francisco For Talent, But Ireland Lags

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According to the World Economic Forum, Dublin has been ranked seventh out of 90 cities for its ability to attract, develop, and retain talent. However, the data shows a significant gulf between capital and the rest of the country.

The ‘Global Talent Competitiveness Index’ (GTCI), which is compiled by the international business school INSTEAD, Dublin ranked ahead of other notable cities including San Francisco, Paris, London and Brussels.

Despite Dublin’s strong performance, Ireland as a whole did not feature among the top 10 countries for talent attraction and retainment, ranking 13th out of the 119 countries in the report.

The data further highlights the challenge for government in shifting high quality jobs beyond the Dublin region – a key pillar of the new Ireland 2040 planning framework.

The study took a look at six factors including the ‘enable’ factor, which looked at the regulatory, market, business and labour landscapes, and whether they help attract people.

The report also examined other factors that included ‘attract’, which gauged the openness of  a city or country, ‘grow’ which looked at how well a country or city develops its talent, while ‘retain’ took into account how nice it is to live in a city or country.

The final two factors that the report observed when examining countries were ‘GK skills’ and ‘VT skills’. These measured the availability of workers with vocational and technical (VT) skills and those with global knowledge (GK) skills. Topping the overall ranking is Switzerland, followed by Singapore and the USA.

The report also analysed cities though the ‘be global’ pillar, which examined the internationalisation within a city.

Dublin performed well under headings like ‘enable’, ‘attract’ and ‘be global’, ranking first for its regulatory, market, business and labour landscape, and scoring a top 10 ranking for each of the other two pillars.

European cities swept the board for their ability to attract and retail talent, with the top five positions made up of Zurich, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, and Helsinki.

Earlier this month Patrick Collison, co-founder of Stripe, said that he was returning to Ireland to place a “big bet” on Dublin as the next European centre for technology.

“There’s real engineering and tech talent, but as importantly people want to move to Dublin,” he told the Irish Independent.


Unemployment falls again in January

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The unemployment rate in January fell to 6.1 per cent, a slight decrease on the 6.2 per cent recorded in December, and a more significant decrease from the 7.4 per cent reported in January 2017.

According to the latest data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the seasonally adjusted number of persons unemployed was 143,700 this month, a decrease from 146,700 in December, and a decrease of 28,600 when compared to January 2017.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for January 2018 was 6.5 per cent for males, down from 6.6 per cent in December 2017, and down from 7.5 per cent in the same month last year.

While the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for females this month was 5.6 per cent, a decrease of 5.8 per cent from last month, and a decrease from 7.3 per cent in January 2017.

The unemployment rate for youth’s remains in double-digits, with 13.7 per cent of persons aged between 15 and 24 years of age unemployed. However, this has decreased slightly from 13.8 per cent in December.

Earlier this month the Central Bank said that it predicted an extra 89,000 people will be in work by the end of next year. This would bring the total number with a job to around 2.3 million – well ahead of the previous peak of 2.24 million seen in 2007 at the end of the Celtic Tiger years.


Wages to jump 15% – But only if you’re in the right job

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As the number of people at work pushes close to its pre-recession peak, the most highly sought after professionals will pick up pay rises worth around 15 per cent.

Now clear of the recession and the years of instability, research reveals that employee’ prospects are finally back on track with jobs and pay on the rise.

According to the Central Statistics Office, there are now approximately 2.2 million people at work, which is close to the 2007 high.

The reports data showed that the majority of professional workers can expect modest 3 per cent pay rises this year.

However, those with in-demand skills – including chief security officers and cyber security experts in IT, product counsel in the legal sphere and chief risk officers in banking – can command wage hikes between 10 and 15 per cent.

The employment agency Morgan McKinley predicted strong job creation this year.

Morgan McKinley’s 2018 Irish Salary and Benefits Guide revealed that autonomous drive technology, advanced process engineering and cyber-security are among the areas tipped to expand further this year.

Karen O’Flaherty, chief operations offer, explained that last year was strong for job growth for professionals, as close to 40,000 posts were created. O’Flaherty said the forecast this year remained positive and the amount of permanent jobs was predicted to rise.

The survey showed salaries for permanent staff in banking and stockbroking range from €50,000 to €75,000 for a wealth manager with up to three years’ experience.

With more than five years’ experience, their wages soar to up to €150,000. Traders with more than five years can also expect to earn up to €150,000.

Branch managers in retail banks earn up to €90,000 in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick, but not more than €70,000 in Waterford.

Employment was up 2.2pc, or 48,100 to 2.21 million, in 2017 to the end of September. The peak was just under the 2.24 million recorded in the final months of 2007.

That compares with a low of 1.875 million in 2012.

The unemployment rate remained at 6.7pc over the quarter, while the number of people out of work for a year or more is now about 40pc of total unemployment. That is the lowest since the end of 2009.

The CSO has revised how it publishes the labour force data to take account of the 2016 Census and other methodological changes. As a result, there are both more people employed and unemployed than initially thought.


Struggling to get interviews? An explanation & tips to fix it

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Hays’ Jason Walker gave some great advice in a recent article on Silicon Republic, in relation to job hunters failing to land interviews. Are you still waiting on that dream interview? Take a look at the article below and it might help you figure out why!

Job searching can be tiresome, especially when it feels as though you are spending all your time firing off applications, yet not getting any interviews as a result. Rest assured, this is a situation even the most determined job seekers sometimes find themselves in.

They update their CV and online profiles to highlight recent successes, they spend hours searching and applying for jobs – and yet the phone just won’t ring. Does this sound like you? Then perhaps you are making one of these mistakes.

A scattergun approach

If you are applying here, there and everywhere for any role that relates in some small way to your expertise and experience, without stopping to consider what you really want, checking that the position is right for you, and tailoring your application to show why you are right for the job, then you are unlikely to receive an interview.

Trust me, a hiring manager can spot a generic CV and covering email or letter a mile off.

Your social media presence is letting you down

It’s not enough to have a LinkedIn profile that you update whenever you remember to. Savvy job seekers use social media to its full potential when looking for a new job.

For example, they:

  • Follow the pages of the companies they would like to work for and keep an eye out for vacancies.
  • Consistently engage with their network by posting, liking, sharing and commenting on relevant content.
  • Connect with recruiters (once they have updated their privacy settings) and start a conversation.
  • Ensure all of their profiles are aligned in terms of employment dates, job descriptions, areas of responsibility and so forth.
  • Add links to provide evidence of their work.

You are hiding behind a keyboard

Job sites and professional social networks are great places to find jobs, but always remember the importance of face-to-face interaction, starting with your immediate network of friends, family and former colleagues.

Could any of them make some introductions or give you some advice? Offer to buy them a coffee and start the conversation with them.

Sign up to free networking and industry events. These will often take place first thing in the morning or towards the end of the day, making it easier to attend if you are already employed.

You have job seeker burnout

As I said at the beginning, job searching can be wearing, especially when your efforts have been fruitless so far.

This may spur you on to apply for even more roles, which will only serve to make you feel more drained, a feeling that will be reflected in the quality of your applications.

So, adopt a more organised and balanced approach, setting aside time slots on days where you feel more alert, such as on the weekend or at the beginning of the week.

To read the full article click here: https://www.siliconrepublic.com/advice/jobs-interviews-jobseekers-hays


Pay Rises of as much as 8% in 2018

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Employers set to offer an average pay rise of 2.5% due to retention of key staff becoming a significant issue.

A new survey had found that most Irish business’ will face a challenge of retaining their key staff in 2018.

The survey, which was conducted by Performance Reward Consulting, looked at human resource specialists in 76 organisations across Ireland. More than a quarter of these HR specialists expect that they will lose a greater number of employees in 2018. This comes against a jump in employee turnover among 36 per cent of respondents in 2017.

Performance Reward Consulting managing director, Patrick Robertson stated, “As the economy on both sides of the border has improved, Irish employers now face a real challenge to retain staff, particularly their high performing and high potential employees who are often the first to move.

Companies operating in Northern Ireland reported a higher turnover rate (13.1%) than those in the Republic (8.3%). However, some Irish employers were reporting employee turnover levels of up to 30 per cent, causing “significant issues” for the business.

Responding to this challenge, the survey found that almost half (46%) of responding organisations are taking steps to increase their employee retention for 2018, such as implementing new pay structures and career paths, employee recognition schemes and focusing on their incentives and benefits to try to retain staff.

Pay rises are also part of the proposition, with just under 94 per cent of employers on both sides of the border planning a pay increase. While the average 2018 pay increases within the survey are forecast at 2.5 per cent in the Republic of Ireland and 3 per cent in Northern Ireland, some employers are reporting pay increases above 8 per cent for specific employees or employee groups.

Source: Irish Times



144,000 Net New Jobs Across The Island of Ireland Projected by 2020

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EY has today released its latest economic eye report which shows that jobs growth has been positive across the island in the period 2014 – 2017, with an increase of 12.4% in net employment, broadly spread across sectors and geographies.

The report projects growth of 144,000 net additional jobs in the period 2017-20 across the island of Ireland. Growth figures are driven largely by the ROI, where 138,500 new jobs are projected, led across a number of sectors, including construction, manufacturing, transport and storage and ICT. However, the report highlights a more challenging outlook for Northern Ireland, with a projected growth of 5,800 jobs by 2020.

Economic Eye projects growth of 144,000 net additional jobs in the period 2017-20 across the island of Ireland. Growth figures are driven largely by the ROI, where 138,500 new jobs are projected, led across a number of sectors, including construction, manufacturing, transport and storage and ICT. However, the report highlights a more challenging outlook for Northern Ireland, with a projected growth of 5,800 jobs by 2020.

The report suggests an increasing divergence in economic fortunes across the island of Ireland. Economic Eye projects Republic of Ireland (‘ROI’) GDP growth of 4.9% in 2017, making it Europe’s fastest-growing economy. However, economic growth in Northern Ireland is projected to be more modest at 1.4% for 2017.

According to Economic Eye, the retail sector has recovered to 2010 levels with total growth of 14% in the ROI since 2013’s historic lows. The retail industry (excluding wholesale) now accounts for approximately 10% of all jobs in ROI. EY anticipates that jobs growth in retail will continue in ROI with the addition of approximately 10,500 addition jobs in the retail sector between 2017 and 2022, while a decrease of 3,000 is forecast for Northern Ireland.

EY estimates that cross-border shopping to Northern Ireland over the last year is in the region of €418m. This figure does not include significant car sales that have increased faster in Northern Ireland (18%) than in the UK (13%), Scotland (14%) and Wales (11%). This estimate does not include figures for shops without a physical presence in the state, thus excluding online shopping from the ROI to the UK. In most cases this will not benefit Northern Ireland unless the business is partly based there.

Commenting on the Economic Eye, Chief Economist at EY Ireland, Neil Gibson said, “A healthy labour market and low inflation are boosting the economy in ROI, leaving the country in a position of strength to face the economic and geopolitical uncertainty that lies ahead. While the strength of the euro has a positive impact on exports, a more challenging environment pervades in Northern Ireland, which is not helped by the absence of a local government. Higher dependence on consumer and government spending in Northern Ireland, and very different inflation levels are creating divergence in spending power between the north and south, which is contributing to a weaker NI outlook.”

Source: www.businessworld.ie 

Telephone Interview: Key Tips

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A telephone interview is usually a precursor of the hiring process for both the employer and the candidate. This is where the employer will assess a potential candidate by calling them up and asking a number of preliminary questions before considering the arrangement of an in-person interview.

While this may seem like a simple formality, the truth is an employer can learn a lot about you from the way you present yourself during a phone call. Here are a some pointers to help you get through a potential telephone interview in the future.

Conduct Initial Preparation

Once the call is scheduled, it’s time to start doing some research. You should prepare for the call in exactly the same manner that you would for a face-to-face interview.

Find out what you can about the company and its operations. including its history and staff numbers. With this information you can then be suitably prepared to answer any questions that the interviewer may have. It also offers up the ability to fashion some questions about the company.

Be Prepared To Take The Call

While some employers may call unannounced, many will follow best practice and schedule a call within a certain time frame that suits both parties. Leaving a scheduled call unanswered without notice or reason will be deemed as highly unprofessional in the eyes of an interviewer.

When the interviewer phones at the specified time make sure that you are readily available to take the call. If there is a change of circumstance that leaves the you unable to conduct the interview the make sure to give prior notice and reschedule to a more suitable time.

Listen Attentively

When the interviewer is speaking it is of great importance to listen carefully to every word and jot down notes of every detail. This prepares the candidate for any related questions that the interview may ask.

It also allows you to reference any key points through their own questions. Good communication is a key skill that employers crave. Displaying this kind of attentive communication down the phone will place you in a good position with a prospective employer.

Speak Clearly and Concisely

Once again good communication is the key here. When an employer phones a candidate the last thing they should receive is short answers and hushed tones. Make sure you reply to each question in a confident tone and professional manner.

It is only natural to be nervous in any interview situation so it’s important to keep the conversation on point without trailing off. One of the drawbacks of a telephone interview is the inability to read expressions of the interviewer. This means that the you must be extremely precise in everything you say and how you present it verbally in order to make a good impression.

End The Call On A Positive Note

When the call is about to wrap up,  make sure to thank the interviewer for their time. If an in-person interview has been scheduled, mention your anticipation for meeting and express gratitude for receiving the opportunity.

After a couple of hours, you should then send a follow-up email thanking the employer once again for their time and confirming your interest in the position.

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Skills Shortage Could Threaten Growth in South & North of Ireland

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The Economic and Social Research Institute (ERSI) said that a skills shortage could threaten economic growth in the South and North of Ireland. The ERSI explained that there’s a “skill mismatch” in the Republic that could act as a barrier to growth in the future. Furthermore, the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) stated that the North is “trapped in a low-skills equilibrium”.

The ERSI explained that under half of full-time Irish employees reported that their skills are greater than those required to do their job. This comes in as the fourth highest rate of skill under-utilisation in the EU.

It is said that the degree of ‘matched employment’ – where employees feel that their skills are matched to their job – is the fourth lowest in the EU at 46%. By better aligning people’s skills and their jobs, economic growth could potentially be boosted.

The ERSI found that the share of highly-educated, foreign-born workers in Ireland is the third highest in the EU, standing at 57%.

The NERI stated that the in the North, many firms lack the skilled workforce to grow:

“We argue that it is trapped in a low-skills equilibrium, a situation where firms are predominately engaged in low-value production providing low skilled and consequently low paid jobs. Firms may want to innovate and grow, but they lack the higher skilled workforce to do so. Workers would invest in their own skills, but the economy lacks the high skilled jobs that would reward them.”

Director of NERI, Tom Healy explained that there is an urgent need for public policy to invest in raising skills.


5 Essential Skills Employers Look For In Employees

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In the ever-evolving environment of the job industry, professionals everywhere must further develop and expand their skill sets. Here are the five essential skill sets employers everywhere crave.


For some people, leadership skills come naturally, others must work upon and develop this unique skill over time. One thing is certain though, if you possess the skill and initiative to lead and motivate your team while accepting the responsibility for various important tasks and projects then you will become a major asset to any employer.

Some employers don’t like to do much hands on employee management. They often prefer to have someone on the ground conducting the orchestra. If you feel you are that person and are willing to take control and shoulder responsibility then you will stand out as a cut above the rest.

Good Communication

Another skill employer’s love is communication. This is the foundation of any task or project, as a team simply cannot function without good communication. Any professional who possesses these skills is an employer’s dream.

The ability to describe what you want your employees or colleagues to do sounds easy initially but it is actually a lot more challenging than people think, as slightest missed detail can cause a whole project to come undone.

Always converse with your colleagues and delegate tasks in a clear and straightforward manner. Raising your voice or dictating others simply will not work in a professional environment.

IT Literacy

This is the digital age, there is no question about it. Nearly every industry relies heavily on computers so naturally every professional is required to have some level of IT literacy skills in their lockers. Some larger companies can even request certain qualifications and certificates before they even consider someone for the interview process.

Most young professionals straight from college will have a good level of IT literacy as they have benefitted from computer training at an early age. However, if you’re a professional who has been in business for decades it’s never too late to go back and acquire these skills. It may prove the difference to securing employment.

Business Acumen

While some people will argue that a good business sense is something that comes naturally and cannot be thought, others will stress that business acumen can indeed be developed over time with the right training.

This skill is a complex one as it involves a number of qualities. One must be a visionary, display honesty and integrity with the ability to seize upon any opportunity while showing high levels of entrepreneurship.

As complicated as it seems a good business sense will give you a massive edge over other potential candidates and elevate your standing in the eyes of a potential employer.


This is quite simply one of the most powerful skills you will ever possess if you can acquire it. This also applies to day to day life not just the workplace.

If you have the ability to negotiate with another party to reach a win-win compromise with another party through mutual agreement, then you will stand head and shoulders above anyone else. Always strive to get what you want and help the other party get what they want.

This process involves preparation, outlining of goals, negotiation, compromise reaching and a final mutual agreement. A good negotiator will know when to box clever and take a step back before taking two steps forward. If you possess the power of negotiation employers will be falling over themselves to hire you.

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Social Media Mistakes That Candidates Should Avoid

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Social media has become a vital tool for job seekers over the last number of years. It offers the opportunity to browse and interact with job vacancies and to build up a strong professional online presence. However, for all the positives social media offers it can also be a candidate’s worst enemy when it comes to the application process.

How? Simple.

It’s no secret that employers regularly check out the public social media profiles of candidates before even considering them for a call-back or an interview. Just remember, our public social media profiles are only a Google search away.

With this in mind, it is important to cultivate a balanced and professional social presence that will allow the candidate look presentable if a potential employer decides to do some sleuth work. Read below about how to avoid the common social media faux pas that can derail a job application process before it has even begun.

Displaying Unprofessional Photos

Let’s be honest everybody is entitled to let off a bit of steam at some stage. There’s nothing wrong with going out enjoying oneself and taking few photos as memories to share with friends online.

However, caution must be taken towards where these photos are shared and how visible they are to those outside of your friends list. While your contacts may enjoy seeing amusing pictures of a wild holiday or a night out with friends, a prospective employer may see things completely differently.

Using Profanity

It’s pointless trying to paint a presentable and approachable portrait of yourself to the employer if your social platforms are littered with profanities and unprofessional language. This will reflect poorly on your image and is a serious red flag in the eyes of an employer.

An employer will make a huge assessment about a potential candidate by the way they behave online. Therefore, it is advisable to trawl through old posts and clean up where necessary. It may seem time consuming but it could make a big difference in the end.

Criticising Previous Employers

Unfortunately, not everyone has left their previous place of employment on the best of terms. So much so, that some use their social profiles to vent their anger and frustration about their former boss and colleagues. This is one of the most unprofessional and fatal mistakes that a potential candidate can make.

Broadcasting critical content such as this will reflect very poorly on the candidate and will undoubtedly lead to instant rejection by the employer. If you really have a bee in your bonnet with your previous employer it’s best to keep it to yourself and move on. In the end, some things are best left unsaid.

Keeping a Dormant or Inactive Social Presence

Did you know that a lack of social media activity can be just as damaging towards a candidate’s employment prospects as the posting of inappropriate content? This is due to several reasons.

As we are regularly evolving into the digital age, most companies across all industries expect their employees to be tech savvy and up to speed with changing trends. Maintaining a LinkedIn profile at least is mandatory nowadays and it is also the first port of call that a prospective employer will go to.

Failing to display a constant social media presence may show the employer that the candidate has something to hide. Even if you have decided to deactivate all your accounts, there will still be a remaining digital footprint left behind.

This will show evidence of a previous online presence that the most inquisitive employer will eventually find. This in turn will set alarm bells to an employer as to why exactly the candidate has decided to suddenly become invisible.

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Irish Jobs Offering On-The-Job Perks Increase by 135%

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The amount of companies listing roles with on-the-job perks increased by 6 percent between the first and third quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year, and by a massive 135 percent compared to the same period five years ago.

These findings are a result of new statistics recently released by Jobs.ie. A job ‘perk’ is separate to a job ‘benefit’, like pension contribution or annual leave. Instead, a job ‘perk’ is usually included as part of a salary, and are provided on daily or regular basis to encourage creativity and productivity.

The findings from Jobs.ie show that roles offering perks such as free lunch, Friday beers, ‘bring your dog to work’ policies and gym membership are on the rise. Jobs.ie believe that the increasing trend in job perks shows that companies are putting employees at the heart of their business.

Christopher Paye, general manager at Jobs.ie states, “Ireland is hungry for talent, particularly in emerging industries like tech and financial services. Professionals are free to shop around for the best employment package, and on-the-job perks can help sway them one way or the other. Perks are no longer the exclusive remit of American multinationals.

“In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, like annual leave and health insurance, many Irish companies are prioritising their employees’ happiness by providing catered meals, gym membership and team bonding events. To a prospective hire, this shows a commitment to culture and a positive working environment.”

Mr. Paye added, “As employers’ demand more from their employees in terms of hours worked and always-on availability, perks also help to reduce stress and offset personal costs, particularly food spend. In the long-term, this encourages loyalty and improves employee retention. Likewise, as the office perk culture become commonplace, employees will increasingly come to expect it from their employer. Companies that don’t take this on-board risk losing out in the war for talent.”


3 Steps Towards Building Your Own Personal Brand

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The term “branding” has become synonymous with large companies & corporations over the years. However it’s worth remembering that personal branding is especially important in business, especially when it comes to career building and selling yourself to potential clients.

Many people already have characteristics which define their personal brand – even without their own cultivation. Your personal brand is all about how you appear to the world and how people perceive you in general.

Take this example for instance; Let’s say you have have a sandwich each day for lunch. One day you arrive in with a salad and your colleagues begin to look at you with puzzled reactions. Why?. It’s simple, due to your routine, you have become synonymous as the sandwich guy/girl to your colleagues. This is an example of personal branding.

This is why building up a strong personal brand is a major factor in maintaining a successful career. Once your colleagues, management and influencers identify you with an  area of expertise, you will find yourself in a very positive niche within your industry. Here are three steps towards building your personal brand.

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FAQs Around Creating The Perfect Curriculum Vitae

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What makes a perfect Curriculum Vitae? It’s a burning question asked by many job-seekers worldwide. There are also many other questions that arise when building a resume. We have answered the most common CV questions below.

How Long Should My CV Be?

Most recruiters generally receive a mountain of applications for a specific role so it’s important to make yours instantly readable. Limiting your CV to 1-2 pages by using bullet points, sub headings and short sentences is the generally seen as best practice. The idea is to structure it in a way that the recruiter will quicken their decision as to whether to hire you or not.   

Which Kind Of Information Should I In Read More

How To Decide Between Two Competing Job Offers

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How do you choose between two competing job offers? It’s a real humdinger when both are equally enticing but for different reasons. How do you surmount this conundrum when each vacancy offers attractive rewards and perks? Are there certain criteria you should use to arrive at a decision? Which do you value more – benefits, career progression and job satisfaction or a competitive annual base salary with uncapped commission? What will it take to seal the deal for you? Answers to all of these questions will vary from person to person, but we’ve outlined some thought processes which will help you determine which opportunity is right for you. Read More

ruin a job interview

Five Ways To Ruin A Job Interview

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So all your job hunting efforts have paid off so far and you’ve landed that dream interview. Now is your chance to make a good impression and convince your prospective employer of your suitability.

You’ve got the perfect CV, and the experience & skills that should help you sail through the interview right? Not quite. You would be surprised at the number of young & seasoned professionals that have fallen at the final interview hurdle.

Interviews are a major test of our resolve and it’s only natural to be nervous. Unfortunately nervousness & carelessness can lead to mistakes which can spell catastrophe to a potential candidate. Here are five sure fire ways that a candidate can ruin a job interview:

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Workplace Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout In A New Job

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We’ve all felt that initial enthusiasm when starting a new job. There’s an eagerness to impress and an iron will to succeed. While it is good to hit the ground running in a new role it is also important to remember that taking on too much too soon can lead to a professional’s worst nightmare. Burnout.

If you have been feeling tired, unproductive and discontented in your new role then chances are you are suffering the effects of burnout.

It is at this point where you should reevaluate your working routine and consider making some critical changes. There are a number of ways to heal or even prevent burnout, some of which we will explore here.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Email Signature.

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Most people don’t put a lot of consideration into their email signature, opting instead for just formulaic elements: name; company and phone number.

However, adopting such an insouciant approach may negatively impact your personal and corporate image. It is possible to rehabilitate the professionalism of your signature by following our tips to crafting the perfect email sign-off.

Your email signature is more important than you might think. It often contains images, logos and links to your company’s website – so in essence it acts as an online business card. Thus, it doesn’t just reflect your personal attributes but it’s also often the first interaction people have with your company. In this respect it acts as an ambassador for both your personal brand and that of your firm. Read More

facebook ireland

Facebook’s New Data Centre To Generate 2000 Jobs

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Facebook’s new 227 – acre data centre which will be based in Clonee, Co. Meath is expected to create some 2,000 temporary building sector jobs during its construction. The facility – which will become one of the most advanced data centres in the world – will rely solely on renewable wind energy to operate using the most cutting edge technology available.

This will be the second Facebook data centre to be opened outside of the United States; the first was opened in Lulea in Sweden back in 2013. The announcement will come as positive boost to the local economy and the Meath/West Dublin area as a whole. Read More

The Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

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A complete LinkedIn profile drastically increases your chances of receiving employment opportunities through the social network. Although it can be time consuming to optimise your profile, utilizing its full potential can make your profile stand out from competing profiles in the same industry. On average recruiters spend just six seconds looking at the profiles of potential candidates, therefore it behoves you to do everything in your power to capitalize on this small window of opportunity. Read More

high performer

4 Attributes Of Workplace High Performers

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In most medium sized to large companies with a significant number of employees there’s always a handful that raise the bar for everyone else and push themselves harder than the rest. These are the type of employees that thrive on results and success and are unwilling to shirk any task or challenge. They are known as the high performers.

Here we explore the very traits & habits that drive these high performers to behave and operate differently from the rest of the pack. An insight into this mindset certainly makes for fascinating reading. Read More

Don’t Let Your Attitude Hamper Your Career

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Conducting your job search with the wrong attitude could impede your chances of success. Possessing the necessary qualifications is no longer sufficient to secure a place in the competitive job market – even if, on paper, you are the most qualified candidate for the position. Employers seek more than qualifications and skills from prospective employees – they need assurance that you will mesh well with existing staff and office culture generally.

If you’ve been selected for interview it’s taken for granted that you’re qualified, so the interview itself should be viewed as more of an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and goals. Your attitude to this process is therefore inextricably linked to your habitability and moreover there exists an inverse relationship between bad attitude and interview success!

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new years resolutions

5 Job Hunting Resolutions For 2016

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Let’s flashback to the beginning of last year. Remember those promises that you made to yourself “I’ll get back into regular employment”, “I’ll change my career”, “I’ll earn that promotion”. Fast forward twelve months and you’re still in the same position and that ideal career seems as further away as ever.

Here’s the good news: the advent of a new year brings with it the chance of new beginnings and it’s certainly never too late to start again. Here are five key resolutions that will help you aim for that career that you’ve always dreamed of.

Make This Year Count

Lets forget about last year and what might have been, instead it’s time to turn your focus towards achieving your goals this year. Try keeping a diary of all your efforts from the beginning of the year, this will help you to stay focused and help you to keep on track of your goals.

It is important to maintain your resolve and refrain from becoming sidetracked. Seize any opportunity and apply for as many positions as you can. Just think of where you could be twelve months down the line.  Read More

merry christmas

Merry Christmas And Happy Job Hunting!

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As 2015 draws to a close all of the team here at Sales Placement would like to wish our clients and canditates alike a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With the economy continuing to improve, 2016 promises to be a year of further growth and jobs creation and Sales Placement aim to be here to help both those looking to hire and those looking to find employment in the New Year.

Remember, with Sales Placement you can:

5 Tips For Settling Into A New Job

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Starting a new job can be a daunting experience, whether it’s your first foray into the working world or another step on the corporate ladder. No matter what your experience level, starting afresh in a new environment can be as intimidating as it is exciting.

You only get one shot at a first impression, so its imperative that you make yours count for the right reasons. Luckily, here at Sales Placement, our wealth of experience matching qualified candidates to appropriate organisations has taught us a few key things with regard to starting out in a new role. Our 5 key tips for success in a new position are outlined below. Read More

telephone interview

How To Get Through A Telephone Interview

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A telephone interview is usually a precursor of the hiring process for both the employer and the candidate. This is where the employer will assess a potential candidate by calling them up and asking a number of preliminary questions before considering the arrangement an in-person interview.

While this may seem like a simple formality the truth is an employer can learn a lot about you from the way they present yourself during a phone call. Here are a some pointers to help you get through a potential telephone interview in the future. Read More

unemployment rate

Unemployment Rate At Lowest Since 2008

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The latest figures for unemployment released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) across Ireland make for positive reading. According to the CSO, the unemployment rate dipped to 8.9 percent for October, which is the first time it’s been below 9 percent since 2008.

This represents the 12th quarter in a row of employment growth, with another 56,000 people joining the workforce over the last year.

Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton (Fine Gael) welcomed the news, saying the dip showed the Government was getting to grips with the harder core of unemployment, while Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said that employment growth is one of the most tangible signs of economic recovery. Read More


Jobs Minister Announces Action Plan For West Of Ireland

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There will be 25,000 new jobs created over the next four years according to a proposed new employment plan for the West of Ireland. The new jobs which will be created in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon are part of a new €250 million regional jobs strategy.

The West Action Plan For Jobs was announced by the Minister for Jobs, Innovation and Enterprise, Richard Bruton who said: “Jobs are growing right across the country, but they are growing faster in some regions than in others.

That is why we have put in place the €250 million regional jobs strategy, to support regions to play to their strengths and accelerate jobs growth in every area. Read More

Apple Jobs in Ireland

Ireland’s Job Boost: Apple & Indeed

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Ireland’s apparent economic recovery looks to be going from strength to strength as the nation received two timely jobs boosts in early November.

Apple boss Tim Cook gave what the Cork Evening Echo described as “an unwavering commitment to the company’s operations” in the county by confirming that the tech giants would increase their workforce in the rebel county by 1,000 by mid-2017. Read More

job interview rejection

How To Deal With An Unsuccessful Job Interview

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In an ideal world every interview that we ever attend would result in a resounding success. Unfortunately in reality things are much different. The job hunting process can be fiercely competitive and only the most determined candidates will be successful in the end.

Part of being successful in any endeavour is finding the ability to overcome any obstacles and to dig deep to pick oneself up after a number of setbacks. This most certainly applies to job interviews. Read More

Key Quality Customer Service Tips

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We’ve all heard the old saying “the customer is always right”. While some may not agree with this mantra one thing is certain: the way the customer perceives your business and your ability to deal with their concerns can play a pivotal role in determining the success of your business.

In the digital age there are more platforms than ever before for a customer to enter their queries or voice their displeasure about a particular service or product.

This is why it is essential to stay on top all the time and apply the same top quality service to each individual customer. Here are some key tips to help provide quality customer service. Read More

Living Wage Ireland

Aldi To Hike Wages And Hire 400 New Staff

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Aldi Ireland is to hire 400 new recruits and raise its minimum pay rate to €11.50 an hour, equivalent to the recommended living wage threshold. This comes just days after fellow German retailers Lidl also vowed to pay the living wage to its staff.

Aldi’s move comes on the back of sustained sales growth and store expansion in Ireland. According to the latest figures Aldi has a 9 percent share of the retail market. The plan to recruit and train 400 new staff is designed to support their ongoing expansion drive. Read More

Christmas Jobs 2015

Christmas Jobs 2015: Who Is Hiring?

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It might be hard to believe but there is only two months to go to Christmas! Many people are gearing up for the festive season including employers, many of whom will be looking to get some extra hands on deck to deal with the Christmas rush.

If you want to get that bit of extra change in your pocket over Christmas best act quickly. Typically there is a large amount of applicants and many employers like to hire that extra bit early in order to be fully prepared for the busiest time of year.

Here are some of the Christmas jobs on offer across the country at the moment: Read More

Interview Candidates

Five Types Of Interview Candidates

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For an interviewer considering a potential candidate for their company, is important to look deeper than just a good CV and relative experience.it is also important to asses to candidate’s personality as well.

Each person is different, we humans have our own set of characteristics that define the person we are.

How a candidate interacts with other is a professional environment is a huge factor in determining whether that person is the right fit for the company.

During the recruitment process an interviewer will come across many types of candidates, from the confident and outgoing to the shy and reserved type.

Read More

Five Common Interview Questions…And How To Answer Them

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The big day has arrived. You’ve done your research. The curriculum vitae is flawless. That suit is pressed and you’re dressed to impress. You’re now suitably prepared to ace that interview….or are you?

So many candidates have fallen at the final hurdle simply because of their failure to prepare for any potential questions that may arise during the interview. Some people get caught off-guard and slip up. Others try unconvincingly to bluff their way through to the next question.

The last thing you want is to let all that hard work go to waste. Read below about the five most common interview questions and how to deal with them. Read More

career change

Time For A Career Change?

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut and in dire need of a change of scenery? Has each day become more and more difficult to remain motivated? If these questions sound familiar then it may be time to look at moving towards a different career path.

Many professionals have contemplated a change of career at some point but very few actually go through with it. If you want to move to the very top of an industry, staying in a career where you can’t remain motivated just won’t work. Have a look at the two factors below. If either of them apply to you then it could very well be time to look at a change. Read More

vodafone create 200 new jobs in Ireland

Vodafone To Create 200 New Jobs In Ireland

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Mobile phone giant Vodafone have announced it’s plans to establish a new €60m European sales centre in the Carrickmines area of Dublin which will lead to the creation of 200 new jobs in the capital.

Speaking from the company’s Leopardstown HQ, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the new jobs were a “vote of confidence” for the Irish economy.

“This sales centre also demonstrates how companies like Vodafone are progressing with innovative approaches to how they do business. The jobs-led recovery is founded on economic and political stability and we are determined to maintain this progress into the future,” the Taoiseach added. Read More

Best Practice Interview Tips

Best Practice Interview Tips

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The job hunting process can be long and difficult process for many. Couple this with the added pressure of a testing job interview and the road to landing your dream job just seems longer and longer.

Many well qualified and capable professionals have fallen at the interview hurdle due to a number of reasons, usually due to their failure to prepare. If you go into any interview unprepared a potential employer will see right through you. Read More