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3 Steps Towards Building Your Own Personal Brand

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The term “branding” has become synonymous with large companies & corporations over the years. However it’s worth remembering that personal branding is especially important in business, especially when it comes to career building and selling yourself to potential clients.

Many people already have characteristics which define their personal brand – even without their own cultivation. Your personal brand is all about how you appear to the world and how people perceive you in general.

Take this example for instance; Let’s say you have have a sandwich each day for lunch. One day you arrive in with a salad and your colleagues begin to look at you with puzzled reactions. Why?. It’s simple, due to your routine, you have become synonymous as the sandwich guy/girl to your colleagues. This is an example of personal branding.

This is why building up a strong personal brand is a major factor in maintaining a successful career. Once your colleagues, management and influencers identify you with an  area of expertise, you will find yourself in a very positive niche within your industry. Here are three steps towards building your personal brand.

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FAQs Around Creating The Perfect Curriculum Vitae

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What makes a perfect Curriculum Vitae? It’s a burning question asked by many job-seekers worldwide. There are also many other questions that arise when building a resume. We have answered the most common CV questions below.

How Long Should My CV Be?

Most recruiters generally receive a mountain of applications for a specific role so it’s important to make yours instantly readable. Limiting your CV to 1-2 pages by using bullet points, sub headings and short sentences is the generally seen as best practice. The idea is to structure it in a way that the recruiter will quicken their decision as to whether to hire you or not.   

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Five Ways To Ruin A Job Interview

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So all your job hunting efforts have paid off so far and you’ve landed that dream interview. Now is your chance to make a good impression and convince your prospective employer of your suitability.

You’ve got the perfect CV, and the experience & skills that should help you sail through the interview right? Not quite. You would be surprised at the number of young & seasoned professionals that have fallen at the final interview hurdle.

Interviews are a major test of our resolve and it’s only natural to be nervous. Unfortunately nervousness & carelessness can lead to mistakes which can spell catastrophe to a potential candidate. Here are five sure fire ways that a candidate can ruin a job interview:

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Workplace Burnout

How To Avoid Burnout In A New Job

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We’ve all felt that initial enthusiasm when starting a new job. There’s an eagerness to impress and an iron will to succeed. While it is good to hit the ground running in a new role it is also important to remember that taking on too much too soon can lead to a professional’s worst nightmare. Burnout.

If you have been feeling tired, unproductive and discontented in your new role then chances are you are suffering the effects of burnout.

It is at this point where you should reevaluate your working routine and consider making some critical changes. There are a number of ways to heal or even prevent burnout, some of which we will explore here.

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7 Ways To Improve Your Email Signature.

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Most people don’t put a lot of consideration into their email signature, opting instead for just formulaic elements: name; company and phone number.

However, adopting such an insouciant approach may negatively impact your personal and corporate image. It is possible to rehabilitate the professionalism of your signature by following our tips to crafting the perfect email sign-off.

Your email signature is more important than you might think. It often contains images, logos and links to your company’s website – so in essence it acts as an online business card. Thus, it doesn’t just reflect your personal attributes but it’s also often the first interaction people have with your company. In this respect it acts as an ambassador for both your personal brand and that of your firm. Read More

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Facebook’s New Data Centre To Generate 2000 Jobs

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Facebook’s new 227 – acre data centre which will be based in Clonee, Co. Meath is expected to create some 2,000 temporary building sector jobs during its construction. The facility – which will become one of the most advanced data centres in the world – will rely solely on renewable wind energy to operate using the most cutting edge technology available.

This will be the second Facebook data centre to be opened outside of the United States; the first was opened in Lulea in Sweden back in 2013. The announcement will come as positive boost to the local economy and the Meath/West Dublin area as a whole. Read More

The Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

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A complete LinkedIn profile drastically increases your chances of receiving employment opportunities through the social network. Although it can be time consuming to optimise your profile, utilizing its full potential can make your profile stand out from competing profiles in the same industry. On average recruiters spend just six seconds looking at the profiles of potential candidates, therefore it behoves you to do everything in your power to capitalize on this small window of opportunity. Read More

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4 Attributes Of Workplace High Performers

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In most medium sized to large companies with a significant number of employees there’s always a handful that raise the bar for everyone else and push themselves harder than the rest. These are the type of employees that thrive on results and success and are unwilling to shirk any task or challenge. They are known as the high performers.

Here we explore the very traits & habits that drive these high performers to behave and operate differently from the rest of the pack. An insight into this mindset certainly makes for fascinating reading. Read More

Don’t Let Your Attitude Hamper Your Career

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Conducting your job search with the wrong attitude could impede your chances of success. Possessing the necessary qualifications is no longer sufficient to secure a place in the competitive job market – even if, on paper, you are the most qualified candidate for the position. Employers seek more than qualifications and skills from prospective employees – they need assurance that you will mesh well with existing staff and office culture generally.

If you’ve been selected for interview it’s taken for granted that you’re qualified, so the interview itself should be viewed as more of an opportunity for you to showcase your personality and goals. Your attitude to this process is therefore inextricably linked to your habitability and moreover there exists an inverse relationship between bad attitude and interview success!

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