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How To Deal With An Unsuccessful Job Interview

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In an ideal world every interview that we ever attend would result in a resounding success. Unfortunately in reality things are much different. The job hunting process can be fiercely competitive and only the most determined candidates will be successful in the end.

Part of being successful in any endeavour is finding the ability to overcome any obstacles and to dig deep to pick oneself up after a number of setbacks. This most certainly applies to job interviews. Read More

Key Quality Customer Service Tips

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We’ve all heard the old saying “the customer is always right”. While some may not agree with this mantra one thing is certain: the way the customer perceives your business and your ability to deal with their concerns can play a pivotal role in determining the success of your business.

In the digital age there are more platforms than ever before for a customer to enter their queries or voice their displeasure about a particular service or product.

This is why it is essential to stay on top all the time and apply the same top quality service to each individual customer. Here are some key tips to help provide quality customer service. Read More

Living Wage Ireland

Aldi To Hike Wages And Hire 400 New Staff

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Aldi Ireland is to hire 400 new recruits and raise its minimum pay rate to €11.50 an hour, equivalent to the recommended living wage threshold. This comes just days after fellow German retailers Lidl also vowed to pay the living wage to its staff.

Aldi’s move comes on the back of sustained sales growth and store expansion in Ireland. According to the latest figures Aldi has a 9 percent share of the retail market. The plan to recruit and train 400 new staff is designed to support their ongoing expansion drive. Read More

Christmas Jobs 2015

Christmas Jobs 2015: Who Is Hiring?

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It might be hard to believe but there is only two months to go to Christmas! Many people are gearing up for the festive season including employers, many of whom will be looking to get some extra hands on deck to deal with the Christmas rush.

If you want to get that bit of extra change in your pocket over Christmas best act quickly. Typically there is a large amount of applicants and many employers like to hire that extra bit early in order to be fully prepared for the busiest time of year.

Here are some of the Christmas jobs on offer across the country at the moment: Read More

Interview Candidates

Five Types Of Interview Candidates

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For an interviewer considering a potential candidate for their company, is important to look deeper than just a good CV and relative is also important to asses to candidate’s personality as well.

Each person is different, we humans have our own set of characteristics that define the person we are.

How a candidate interacts with other is a professional environment is a huge factor in determining whether that person is the right fit for the company.

During the recruitment process an interviewer will come across many types of candidates, from the confident and outgoing to the shy and reserved type.

Read More

Five Common Interview Questions…And How To Answer Them

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The big day has arrived. You’ve done your research. The curriculum vitae is flawless. That suit is pressed and you’re dressed to impress. You’re now suitably prepared to ace that interview….or are you?

So many candidates have fallen at the final hurdle simply because of their failure to prepare for any potential questions that may arise during the interview. Some people get caught off-guard and slip up. Others try unconvincingly to bluff their way through to the next question.

The last thing you want is to let all that hard work go to waste. Read below about the five most common interview questions and how to deal with them. Read More

career change

Time For A Career Change?

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Have you ever felt stuck in a rut and in dire need of a change of scenery? Has each day become more and more difficult to remain motivated? If these questions sound familiar then it may be time to look at moving towards a different career path.

Many professionals have contemplated a change of career at some point but very few actually go through with it. If you want to move to the very top of an industry, staying in a career where you can’t remain motivated just won’t work. Have a look at the two factors below. If either of them apply to you then it could very well be time to look at a change. Read More

vodafone create 200 new jobs in Ireland

Vodafone To Create 200 New Jobs In Ireland

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Mobile phone giant Vodafone have announced it’s plans to establish a new €60m European sales centre in the Carrickmines area of Dublin which will lead to the creation of 200 new jobs in the capital.

Speaking from the company’s Leopardstown HQ, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the new jobs were a “vote of confidence” for the Irish economy.

“This sales centre also demonstrates how companies like Vodafone are progressing with innovative approaches to how they do business. The jobs-led recovery is founded on economic and political stability and we are determined to maintain this progress into the future,” the Taoiseach added. Read More

Best Practice Interview Tips

Best Practice Interview Tips

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The job hunting process can be long and difficult process for many. Couple this with the added pressure of a testing job interview and the road to landing your dream job just seems longer and longer.

Many well qualified and capable professionals have fallen at the interview hurdle due to a number of reasons, usually due to their failure to prepare. If you go into any interview unprepared a potential employer will see right through you. Read More