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5 Essential Skills Employers Look For In Employees

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In the ever-evolving environment of the job industry, professionals everywhere must further develop and expand their skill sets. Here are the five essential skill sets employers everywhere crave.


For some people, leadership skills come naturally, others must work upon and develop this unique skill over time. One thing is certain though, if you possess the skill and initiative to lead and motivate your team while accepting the responsibility for various important tasks and projects then you will become a major asset to any employer.

Some employers don’t like to do much hands on employee management. They often prefer to have someone on the ground conducting the orchestra. If you feel you are that person and are willing to take control and shoulder responsibility then you will stand out as a cut above the rest.

Good Communication

Another skill employer’s love is communication. This is the foundation of any task or project, as a team simply cannot function without good communication. Any professional who possesses these skills is an employer’s dream.

The ability to describe what you want your employees or colleagues to do sounds easy initially but it is actually a lot more challenging than people think, as slightest missed detail can cause a whole project to come undone.

Always converse with your colleagues and delegate tasks in a clear and straightforward manner. Raising your voice or dictating others simply will not work in a professional environment.

IT Literacy

This is the digital age, there is no question about it. Nearly every industry relies heavily on computers so naturally every professional is required to have some level of IT literacy skills in their lockers. Some larger companies can even request certain qualifications and certificates before they even consider someone for the interview process.

Most young professionals straight from college will have a good level of IT literacy as they have benefitted from computer training at an early age. However, if you’re a professional who has been in business for decades it’s never too late to go back and acquire these skills. It may prove the difference to securing employment.

Business Acumen

While some people will argue that a good business sense is something that comes naturally and cannot be thought, others will stress that business acumen can indeed be developed over time with the right training.

This skill is a complex one as it involves a number of qualities. One must be a visionary, display honesty and integrity with the ability to seize upon any opportunity while showing high levels of entrepreneurship.

As complicated as it seems a good business sense will give you a massive edge over other potential candidates and elevate your standing in the eyes of a potential employer.


This is quite simply one of the most powerful skills you will ever possess if you can acquire it. This also applies to day to day life not just the workplace.

If you have the ability to negotiate with another party to reach a win-win compromise with another party through mutual agreement, then you will stand head and shoulders above anyone else. Always strive to get what you want and help the other party get what they want.

This process involves preparation, outlining of goals, negotiation, compromise reaching and a final mutual agreement. A good negotiator will know when to box clever and take a step back before taking two steps forward. If you possess the power of negotiation employers will be falling over themselves to hire you.

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Social Media Mistakes That Candidates Should Avoid

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Social media has become a vital tool for job seekers over the last number of years. It offers the opportunity to browse and interact with job vacancies and to build up a strong professional online presence. However, for all the positives social media offers it can also be a candidate’s worst enemy when it comes to the application process.

How? Simple.

It’s no secret that employers regularly check out the public social media profiles of candidates before even considering them for a call-back or an interview. Just remember, our public social media profiles are only a Google search away.

With this in mind, it is important to cultivate a balanced and professional social presence that will allow the candidate look presentable if a potential employer decides to do some sleuth work. Read below about how to avoid the common social media faux pas that can derail a job application process before it has even begun.

Displaying Unprofessional Photos

Let’s be honest everybody is entitled to let off a bit of steam at some stage. There’s nothing wrong with going out enjoying oneself and taking few photos as memories to share with friends online.

However, caution must be taken towards where these photos are shared and how visible they are to those outside of your friends list. While your contacts may enjoy seeing amusing pictures of a wild holiday or a night out with friends, a prospective employer may see things completely differently.

Using Profanity

It’s pointless trying to paint a presentable and approachable portrait of yourself to the employer if your social platforms are littered with profanities and unprofessional language. This will reflect poorly on your image and is a serious red flag in the eyes of an employer.

An employer will make a huge assessment about a potential candidate by the way they behave online. Therefore, it is advisable to trawl through old posts and clean up where necessary. It may seem time consuming but it could make a big difference in the end.

Criticising Previous Employers

Unfortunately, not everyone has left their previous place of employment on the best of terms. So much so, that some use their social profiles to vent their anger and frustration about their former boss and colleagues. This is one of the most unprofessional and fatal mistakes that a potential candidate can make.

Broadcasting critical content such as this will reflect very poorly on the candidate and will undoubtedly lead to instant rejection by the employer. If you really have a bee in your bonnet with your previous employer it’s best to keep it to yourself and move on. In the end, some things are best left unsaid.

Keeping a Dormant or Inactive Social Presence

Did you know that a lack of social media activity can be just as damaging towards a candidate’s employment prospects as the posting of inappropriate content? This is due to several reasons.

As we are regularly evolving into the digital age, most companies across all industries expect their employees to be tech savvy and up to speed with changing trends. Maintaining a LinkedIn profile at least is mandatory nowadays and it is also the first port of call that a prospective employer will go to.

Failing to display a constant social media presence may show the employer that the candidate has something to hide. Even if you have decided to deactivate all your accounts, there will still be a remaining digital footprint left behind.

This will show evidence of a previous online presence that the most inquisitive employer will eventually find. This in turn will set alarm bells to an employer as to why exactly the candidate has decided to suddenly become invisible.

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Irish Jobs Offering On-The-Job Perks Increase by 135%

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The amount of companies listing roles with on-the-job perks increased by 6 percent between the first and third quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year, and by a massive 135 percent compared to the same period five years ago.

These findings are a result of new statistics recently released by A job ‘perk’ is separate to a job ‘benefit’, like pension contribution or annual leave. Instead, a job ‘perk’ is usually included as part of a salary, and are provided on daily or regular basis to encourage creativity and productivity.

The findings from show that roles offering perks such as free lunch, Friday beers, ‘bring your dog to work’ policies and gym membership are on the rise. believe that the increasing trend in job perks shows that companies are putting employees at the heart of their business.

Christopher Paye, general manager at states, “Ireland is hungry for talent, particularly in emerging industries like tech and financial services. Professionals are free to shop around for the best employment package, and on-the-job perks can help sway them one way or the other. Perks are no longer the exclusive remit of American multinationals.

“In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, like annual leave and health insurance, many Irish companies are prioritising their employees’ happiness by providing catered meals, gym membership and team bonding events. To a prospective hire, this shows a commitment to culture and a positive working environment.”

Mr. Paye added, “As employers’ demand more from their employees in terms of hours worked and always-on availability, perks also help to reduce stress and offset personal costs, particularly food spend. In the long-term, this encourages loyalty and improves employee retention. Likewise, as the office perk culture become commonplace, employees will increasingly come to expect it from their employer. Companies that don’t take this on-board risk losing out in the war for talent.”


5 Tips For Settling Into A New Job

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Starting a new job can be a daunting experience, whether it’s your first foray into the working world or another step on the corporate ladder. No matter what your experience level, starting afresh in a new environment can be as intimidating as it is exciting.

You only get one shot at a first impression, so its imperative that you make yours count for the right reasons. Luckily, here at Sales Placement, our wealth of experience matching qualified candidates to appropriate organisations has taught us a few key things with regard to starting out in a new role. Our 5 key tips for success in a new position are outlined below. Read More

Apple Jobs in Ireland

Ireland’s Job Boost: Apple & Indeed

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Ireland’s apparent economic recovery looks to be going from strength to strength as the nation received two timely jobs boosts in early November.

Apple boss Tim Cook gave what the Cork Evening Echo described as “an unwavering commitment to the company’s operations” in the county by confirming that the tech giants would increase their workforce in the rebel county by 1,000 by mid-2017. Read More

job interview rejection

How To Deal With An Unsuccessful Job Interview

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In an ideal world every interview that we ever attend would result in a resounding success. Unfortunately in reality things are much different. The job hunting process can be fiercely competitive and only the most determined candidates will be successful in the end.

Part of being successful in any endeavour is finding the ability to overcome any obstacles and to dig deep to pick oneself up after a number of setbacks. This most certainly applies to job interviews. Read More

Key Quality Customer Service Tips

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We’ve all heard the old saying “the customer is always right”. While some may not agree with this mantra one thing is certain: the way the customer perceives your business and your ability to deal with their concerns can play a pivotal role in determining the success of your business.

In the digital age there are more platforms than ever before for a customer to enter their queries or voice their displeasure about a particular service or product.

This is why it is essential to stay on top all the time and apply the same top quality service to each individual customer. Here are some key tips to help provide quality customer service. Read More

Living Wage Ireland

Aldi To Hike Wages And Hire 400 New Staff

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Aldi Ireland is to hire 400 new recruits and raise its minimum pay rate to €11.50 an hour, equivalent to the recommended living wage threshold. This comes just days after fellow German retailers Lidl also vowed to pay the living wage to its staff.

Aldi’s move comes on the back of sustained sales growth and store expansion in Ireland. According to the latest figures Aldi has a 9 percent share of the retail market. The plan to recruit and train 400 new staff is designed to support their ongoing expansion drive. Read More

Christmas Jobs 2015

Christmas Jobs 2015: Who Is Hiring?

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It might be hard to believe but there is only two months to go to Christmas! Many people are gearing up for the festive season including employers, many of whom will be looking to get some extra hands on deck to deal with the Christmas rush.

If you want to get that bit of extra change in your pocket over Christmas best act quickly. Typically there is a large amount of applicants and many employers like to hire that extra bit early in order to be fully prepared for the busiest time of year.

Here are some of the Christmas jobs on offer across the country at the moment: Read More